1. Vijay says:

    February 7, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Interesting and happening topic in BPM world.
    As you rightly described “The key to success of BPM is communication” is absolutely THE TAGLINE. From my readings, Social-BPM is trying to address BPM leveraging Social Networking techniques, disciplines and contexts.
    Talking about Twitter, FB and other social networking channels have the ability to both define and execute more dynamic processes. For any business, Mobility and Social media brings the opportunity to make the business process independent from its location, a specific software application etc. to make the Business Process Management successful.
    Along with IBM BPM8.0 and Pega Smart BPM, Oracle (part of our practice expertise :-) ) came up new life cycle steps in Oracle BPM Suite: Social Modeling–>Simulation & Analysis–>Integrate & deploy–>Collaborative Task Management–>Monitor & Improve which is trying to address a new route towards social media + BPM. Since beginning of 2012 I have seen two clients who are trying to adapt this in their own domains and with their own theory.
    A travel industry expert – They started of managing their dynamic business processes for “Passenger Travel Process” which has multiple sub process and steps through blue works (which is considered going social partially) to explore options on expanding business in multiple geographies collecting some paper based statistics.
    A Credit card & Payments expert – They were thinking of launching a new credit card targeted at college students, with special features and a pre-approved credit limit. To reach potential customers, came up with looking at the basic profile information of college students on Twitter as the first level of analysis followed by other rounds of segregation. In this scenario they can leverage BPM to trigger business processes to facilitate customer conversion, by initiating a social media marketing campaign which sends customized information about interested cards and other products. By adapting this approach such campaigns can be cheaper than traditional campaigns to establish and develop new credit card business. Obviously based on the stats of interest subsequent steps of business process can be orchestrated to acquire more customers.
    And other areas which can leverage Social BPM : An alternative channel for sales, Service request initiation (complaint / query/ feedback), new customer on-boarding, an executive approval, or a delayed invoice payment, Social media marketing campaigns – Business processes which use customer patterns and behaviors on social media platforms as an input to trigger right marketing campaigns can be very effective.

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